Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thank you.

A big thank you to Craftgirl78 and Raven/Missy for your encouragement and support.  I have been feeling really bad with my depression and pain and to have your comments really means a lot to me.

As far as giving up smoking goes, I think I will wait until I'm feeling stronger.  I know it sounds like the usual excuse not to stop but I do not want to set myself up to fail I have many other things that I feel I have failed at so I don't need another one to add to it.

I'm meeting a good friend today that I met at a pain support group, that sadly that is no longer around.  I will have to find the strength to get myself together to go.  Don't get me wrong I do want to see her but at the moment I really want to isolate myself and not see anyone.  This is a big problem I have when I'm feeling really depressed and I know it's not good for me to give in because it only makes it worst.  It's very hard not to give in and find a cave somewhere and hide from life.  The amount of energy it takes just to have a shower is ridiculous,  I hate it that depression can leave you feeling so tired all the time.

Time to go and get ready, I hope.   Have a nice day.

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Raven/Missy said...

You are most welcome Leanne, I am glad that I can give you some support. I know how important it is to have at least 1 person who understands. When I first started reading blogs by people who deal with chronic pain or a chronic illness, I was overwhelmed with how much better it made me feel mentally and emotionally to see that I wasn't alone. To be able to pass on that support to others, makes me feel good.

I understand the overwhelming desire to just hide when depressed. I do the same. Also how difficult it is to get the energy to do things, even simple things like take a shower. They seem to be so hard. I too have to force myself to do things.

Here is a thought though, start making a list every day of 5 things you do right. This list can include anything such as "brushed my teeth" or "ate lunch". When listing 5 becomes easy to do, extend it to 10 things. If you stick with it, you will find that your view of yourself will not be as negative as it used to be. Learning to see only the negative things about yourself and see only what you've done wrong or think you failed at is a learned behavior. Writing these lists helps re-train your mind to see the many many things you do correct every day. This is what helped me rebuild my self-esteem when it was extremely bad. It has also helped me through this last bout of depression to keep me from reaching "You're a waste of skin" level.

I do understand and if I could wave a magic wand and make you all better I would! *HUGS*

I hope you have a decent Thanksgiving!